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SBI Course Catalog

The following is a list of our courses, however, this is not all inclusive and we can design a course that is tailored to your needs:

Leadership Coaching

Coaching is a customized one-on-one approach to maximizing results in an individual’s business and life. The basic philosophy of coaching is that humans are great, that we’re all discovering what we really want and that we can get what we want faster and easier by having a coach who’s been there and who can help us.

Duration: 1 Day

The Leadership Challenge

The Leadership Challenge is a renowned Leadership Model developed by the Leadership and Management consultants Kouzes and Posner. The Leadership Challenge provides a 360 degree participant assessment, along with an understanding of the five leadership practices:  Model the Way, Inspire a Shared Vision, Challenge the Process, Enable Others to Act and Encourage the Heart.

Duration: 2 Day

Introduction to Coaching Skills for Managers and Team Leaders

This course is designed to instruct participants in the core coaching skills and tools used by managers and team leaders. Participants will learn a basic coaching conversation model, review key coaching applications (high performer, low performer, etc.) and learn how to focus the coaching on productivity and performance improvement. Participants conduct role plays and receive feedback from peers.

Duration: 1 Day

Decision Making and Problem Solving

This course is designed for managers, supervisors, team leaders, and members of any group Involved in a decision-making or problem-solving process. During class you will learn about your strategic decision-making style and pattern, explore decision making and problem solving from a variety of perspectives, and share ideas with your colleagues.

Duration:  2 Days

Management Skills for Emerging and Newly Appointed Supervisors and Managers

This course will provide an introduction to the role of management and core management process. Key topics include planning, organizing, motivating, managing change, managing performance, delegation, teambuilding and communication.
Participants will receive an introduction to SBI Leadership Model and practice applying this model in role plays and case studies. Participants will create a personal development plan for themselves and an action plan for performance improvement in their units.

Duration: 5 days

Introduction to Emotional Intelligence for Leaders and Managers

This course is designed to provide an overview of the importance of emotional intelligence as a competency that managers can use to motivate and build effective work relationships. Participants will conduct a self-assessment of their EI knowledge and practice a self-awareness and communication skill.

Duration: 1 day

Power Steps: 10 Principles of Leadership

In today’s fast pace world, employers, customers, and business people in general have very little time and patience with individuals that lack self-motivation and skills to be successful. In the business arena there is no time to teach employees to think outside of the box or to energize staffs on how to bring new ideas and energy to the workplace. Thus, individuals who bring vision, competence, confidence, and an ability to execute to work are likely to succeed in whatever endeavors they pursue.
The one-day Power Steps: 10 Principles of Leadership workshop will provide participants with the tools to create a vision, and personal and professional goals to execute plans, projects, and activities successfully to achieve positive results.

Duration: 1 day

Leading Change

This course introduces participants to state of the art models for achieving change in the public and private sector. Participants will review selected classic change models and then apply these models in analyzing what is working and not working in change efforts currently underway in their organizations.
Participants will also be introduced to a model for understanding resistance that demonstrates ways to use resistance as one of the forces that can actually support the change effort. Participants will review the core skills and characteristics of effective change leaders and conduct a self-assessment. Instructional techniques include lecture, case studies, role plays and action planning.

Duration:  2 Days

Communication and Conflict

This topic is designed to assist the participants in understanding the process of communicating, and how to enhance the effectiveness of the communication process.
Participants are also introduced to two areas that contribute to leadership effectiveness: listening skills and effectively presenting one’s own thoughts, opinions, and ideas and identify sources of conflict, identify five conflict resolution styles, respond to conflict situations using a collaborative resolution style.

Duration: 1/2 Day

Focusing the Power of Four Generations

This course is designed to help you and your organization to navigate the intergenerational differences that may be causing challenges in your office. Our goal is to facilitate team building activities that provide work groups with strategies for accomplishing the unique mission of your organization. The course offers a forum to ask and answer the following questions: Who are the generations and what are their unique contributions to the workforce? What intergenerational issues are you having in your organization and what are some ways that you can work together to overcome them? What motivates each generation to contribute to your organization? What are some potential solutions and success stories for recruitment/retention and knowledge transfer among the generations? This workshop is a chance for you to explore a significant phenomenon that will shape our workforce for the foreseeable future.

Duration: 1 Day

Diversity in the Workplace

In this workshop, participants will examine the importance of diversity in the public sector workplace, the impact of changing demographics on the workforce and emerging issues and opportunities. Participants will examine their personal diversity paradigms and how those beliefs have helped them become an effective team member. Participants will practice skills that are helpful in dealing with cultural clashes, coping with ambiguity and change and other areas. A personal action plan for future growth and development will be completed.

Duration: 1 Day

Managing Diversity

In this workshop, participants will examine the role of the manager/supervisor in creating an inclusive high performance workplace. Participants will review a contemporary model for diversity and acquire an understanding of inclusivity and the standard and emerging dimensions of diversity. Other topics include an appreciative dialogue in which participants explore how their past impacts the assumptions and beliefs that they have about differences. Participants will also review basic management tools and processes to effectively manage diversity and performance. Learning activities include role plays and case studies, peer feedback, personal case studies and action planning.

Duration: 1 Day

Effective Teams

This workshop is designed to introduce participants to the skills and tools used by high performing teams. Topics include identifying and clarifying team objectives, goals, values and outcomes; meeting management and decision making; conflict management; team leadership models and building support through networks with other stakeholders in the organization. Instructional methods include role plays, simulations, team learning games, videos and peer feedback. Especially recommended for intact work teams, this workshop can be conducted in a retreat setting or as a stand-alone workshop.

Duration: 2 Days | 1 Day | 1/2 Day

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