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Business Conference


“Thank you so much for your time and honesty in the coaching session. I've had executive coaching, and this was by far the most useful and informative coaching I've received. Your years of service are admirable, and I appreciate all of the advice you gave me. I will take it to heart and continue to work on improving my leadership throughout my career.

The most valuable advice was split between how to respond when someone asks if I want to be a senior and having a list of what a good leader does and keeping it on my desk.”

“ I have a lot of takeaways from my session with you Mark.  What I highly value is the time spent going through my 360 assessment and giving me honest, no holds barred feedback.  It was apparent that you did your homework prior to our session and the result was information that is extremely useful.  I am forever indebted to the time, advice, and “real-talk” you provided.  I feel as if I was given invaluable tools to not just enhance my skills, but I am prepared to enhance the lives of others—which is a true passion of mine.”

“More people need to hear what you have to offer.  Time permitting, write a book---I’d buy it.  I know you’re passionate about leaving a legacy (which you have at the agency); I’d love to see you empower a team to carry on your legacy.  During our session, I kept comparing you to John Maxwell (in my mind) ---the influence and confidence exuding through the phone convinced and inspired me. Thank you for your time.  You’ve really charged me to strive to be better in every aspect of who I am.  Again, you’ve given me valuable pearls that I will share with others.”

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