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Harold Howell

A Quick "About Me"

Harold Howell, a seasoned professional coach, is dedicated to empowering his clients to excel individually and as cohesive teams in service to themselves and their organizations. With a rich background encompassing over 25 years of leadership, training, and coaching experience across corporate and non-profit sectors, Harold has partnered with prominent entities such as the Department of Justice, National Credit Union Association, and government agencies including the Social Security Administration and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. His expertise lies in strategic planning, wherein he provides valuable insights and meaningful strategic plans to steer clients confidently into the future. As a coach and facilitator, Harold has masterfully led leadership courses and provided high-quality coaching, consistently earning rave reviews from participants. He leverages various assessments like StrengthsFinder, Hogan, DISC, and Enneagram to facilitate team growth, and his recent work with government agencies has been lauded as transformative. Harold's commitment to personal and professional growth is reinforced by certifications from the International Coach Federation and Gallup, further supplemented by training in brain neuroscience through Conversational Intelligence for Coaches.


  • Strategic Operating Plan Facilitator (The Paterson Center)

  • StrengthsFinder Coach (certified by Gallup)

  • Hogan Assessments (certified trainer and coach)

  • International Coach Federation Trained (Associate Certified Coach)

  • Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (trained to administer)

  • DISC and Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team (Wiley Partner)

  • "Paper Airplanes" (certified)

  • OPM 360 (trained by OPM)

  • Training Coaches (trained by Creative Results Management)

  • Conversational Intelligence for Coaches (trained by World Business and Executive Coach Summit)

  • Enneagram certified (Integrative Enneagram Solutions)

Area of Specialization

Harold specializes in leadership development, team building, strategic planning, conflict resolution skills, and employee engagement. He believes in aligning the strengths of individuals and teams with the unique needs of the organization to foster high-performing teams and help clients find clarity for life changes and leadership enhancement.

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