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Teresita Britton

A Quick "About Me"

Teresita Britton, PCC, skillfully integrates operational, organizational development, and coaching expertise to empower clients in achieving their goals. With a holistic approach to leadership coaching, team development, and organizational effectiveness, she excels in cultivating effective leaders and teams, reinventing approaches, facilitating core competency training, supporting organizational change, and navigating challenging conversations and decisions across diverse industries and government sectors. Holding a Professional Coaching Certification (PCC-level and MCC-level coaching hours) and a strong educational background from Fielding Graduate University, Johns Hopkins University, and Georgetown University, Terry is well-equipped to guide clients to success.


  • Professional Coaching Certification (PCC-level and MCC-level coaching hours).

Area of Specialization

Teresita Britton focuses on leadership and team effectiveness, core competency development, organizational training, change management, and facilitating difficult conversations and decisions. Her holistic approach to coaching emphasizes cultivating a learning environment within organizations, promoting skill development among leaders, and fostering effective change in leadership and teams. She has extensive experience working with a wide range of industries and government sectors, making her a versatile and well-rounded coach for clients seeking to attain their goals.

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